polishing pastes and cleaners

"I love my boat and I love the sea"

For this reason I choose products that preserve both

and I use them responsibly!

All IOSSO products are made with high quality raw materials and with highly biodegradable surfactants,

however, we recommend to use the products in the suggested quantities, without unnecessary excess, and do not disperse washing residues and empty bottles in the environment.

Protection of the marine environment


All IOSSO products are made with highly biodegradable surfactants, compliant with EC regulation 648/04, and  EDTA-free, in order to preserve the marine ecosystem.

polishing pastes


Fiberglass & Metal Polishing Cream

Fiberglass & metal polishing cream

It's specifically developed for all metals (gold, silver, copper, brass, chrome, aluminum, stainless steel) and other surfaces (gel-coat, painted surfaces, plexi-glass). Non corrosive, non abrasive, removes oxidations, restores luster.

Multiuse Polishing Cream

Multiuse polishing cream


Polishing and protective paste, non-abrasive.

It can be used on any surface, such as metals, (silver, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, gold and chromium plating) fiberglass, plastics, enamelled surfaces, Plexiglas, etc.

Returns the original shine keeping it over time.

Polishing pastes



Inflatable boat care




Boat Soap Lucidante

Clean & shine shampoo

It cleans throughly every hard surface, leaving a shining, protective coat thus keeping the boat looking new. Ideal for fiberglass, metals, wood, painted and gummed surfaces. It can be used with or without high pressure washer. Does not leave residues.

Bilge Cleaner

Professional bilge cleaner

Bilge cleaner formulated to attack and dissolve dirt on bilges. powered with special solvent for fats and oily residues.
It also acts in salt water and is also suitable for engine rooms, industrial floors, garages, workshops, etc..

Marina Cleaner

Strong marine cleaner

Ready to use product ideal for removing every type of spots and dirt on gel-coat, plastic, flexible and rigid materials: hypalon, pvc, neoprene, tents, tissues, plastic and laminated surfaces. Resolves all cleaning problems on hard surfaces where normal products fails. Dissolves tar, inks, sun-screen cosmetic residues.

Magic Cleaner

Concentrated multiuse detergent

MAGIC CLEANER is a quick, concentrated, multi-purpose detergent with a mighty degreasing power. Ideal to attack the tough stain on any area of the boat: fiberglass and exterior surfaces, canvas and fenders, interior  accessories, walls, galley. Safe to use. Efficient with sea water too.

Vinyl Restorer

Vinil surfaces restorer

Long lasting protective cleaner for leather, sky and vinyl surfaces, non corrosive and non abrasive.
Avoid 'lens effect' which damages surfaces increasing UV rays negative action.


Quick Gloss K1

Gel-coat restorer

Professional polish for gel-coat, also suitable on painted surfaces and transparent plastics like plexiglass, pvc, etc. Removes oxidations and stain  whilst restoring a long-lasting  gloss to gel-coat and clear plastic surfaces.


Clear plastic restorer

Professional clear plastics restorer ( plexyglass, pvc, acrilate, etc.) Also suitable on glass -surfaces. Safely cleans and removes fine scratches and haziness from most marine plastics. Can be used on most tinted plastics.

Lucidante Metalli

Acid metals foam

Descaler foam formulated to treat a wide range of metals like stainless steel, copper, brass. This product is also suitable for removing limestones, stain and soap residues. It does not affect metals.


Cooling systems acid descaler

Acid descaler for water cooling plants and heat exchangers, removes quickly all incrustation types and dirt conglobed. Suitable for all plant types. Non corrosive on the metals, low foam product.


Concentrated acid hull descaler

Concentrated acid descaler for non metal hulls, keels, and tubes. Removes quickly any sort of, limestones, barnicles , sea-weeds and dirt. No-foaming product. Suitable also for cleaning bathrooms, toilets, lavabos and ceramic floors.


inflatable boat care

1,2,3...Via! Raft Cleaner

Inflatable cleanet & renewer

Ready to use product ideal for renew and removing every type of spots and dirt on inflatable in neopèrene, hypalon or pvc, and to clean plastic, flexible and rigid materials: tents, tissues, plastic and laminated surfaces. Resolves all cleaning problems on hard surfaces where normal products fails. Dissolves tar, inks, sun-screen cosmetic residues.

Raft Lux

Inflatable gloss-restorer

Raft Lux  is a protective, elastic and self-polishing brightener for inflatables and all marine soft plastics. Its long lasting action restores gloss on hypalon, neoprene, pvc and other vynilic surfaces. Ideal for regular and extraordinary maintainance of inflatables, brightens and protects the surfaces from weather and salt water action. Ready to use, it dries quickly. No-skid action.

Raft Wonder

Inflatable protective wax

Durable protective product for dinghies and synthetic surfaces, ideal for the ordinary maintenance of the inflatable boats. Renews and protects against wear and aggression of the natural elements, maintains a durable water-repellent protection and preserves the fabric soft and flexible. It does not contain silicones. Also suitable for the protection of vinyl textiles (awnings, cushions, fenders and other plastic accessories).

Raft Mould

Mould & mildew cleaner

Eliminates mould stains from any surfaces such as fibreglass, rubber, synthetic leather, etc.  
Can also be used on walls, ceilings, and bathroom tiles.

teak care

Golden Teak Cleaner

Teak cleaner

Removes from the teak dirt and mildew, stain and grease and penetrates deeply within the wood fibers without affecting the sealant seams.
Low foam product, suitable for manual use or by pressure-washer. Ideal for a professional maintenaince of the teak-wood, great for other tough cleaning applications as well.

Golden Teak Brightener

Teak brightener

Restores old teak removing the grey colour and giving again the original colour of new teak.
Does not attack rubbers, plastics, fibreglass, paints and it is absolutely safe on wood.

Golden Teak Sealer

Teak sealer

Teak sealer based on precious oils and thinners. Applied on the deck, clean and dry,  seals the wood against the dirt, stains, water and chemicals and retards oxidation.

Golden Natural Teak Oil

Teak oil

GOLDEN NATURAL TEAK OIL is a protective product based on natural oils  to be used on unvarnished wood surfaces, indoors and outdoors, where natural oils have been removed by weathering.


complementary products


High Quality Oil

High performance lubricant oil

Intended for the professional lubrication of nautical and fishing items, especially suitable for reels, whinches, turnbuckles and friction in general.
High performance, ISO 68, SAE 80W.

Olio Idraulico

High performance ISO 46 hydraulic oil

High performance hydraulic Oil, suitable for hydraulic system working under most severe conditions of temperature and pressure.
High thermal stability and oxidation resistant.
Extremely low sliding point. Long drain interval.

Antigelo Eco Blu

Ecological antifreeze for cooling circuits

Special liquid for cooling circuits.
Ecological, equipped with corrosion inhibitor, it protects the metal parts of the circuits and their seals.
It can be used pure or diluted in water.

Water Repellent

Fabrics waterproofing

The product ensure maximum protection of all natural and synthetic fabrics exposed to rain, sun and smog. Provides water repellency, it inhibits the penetration of dirt, does not alter colors and increases the mechanical resistance to wear.

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