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New generation antifoulings

The new range of NUBIAN antifoulings, compliant with the BPR (biocidal product regulation), has been developed to guarantee the best antifouling performance on boats that stay mostly in warm seas like the Mediterranean.

Fillers and Resins



Permanent 50

Hard matrix antifouling copper-free

High performance hard matrix antifouling for sailing and motor boats, even at very high speeds (50 knots).
It is copper-free and can also be applied to aluminum hulls and metal parts (propellers, axes, stern drives and flaps).

Available: extra white and black.

Nubian: antivegetative

Speed 51

High-performance self-polishing antifouling

Self-polishing antifouling based on copper (copper-free in Extra White), with high antifouling power. Suitable for all types of boats with speeds up to 35 knots. It is hydrophilic and therefore considerably reduces the friction of the water on the hull.
The Extra White color is suitable for application on aluminum and metal parts.

Key West 54

Long-life antifouling

Long-life antifouling based on copper (Copper-free in Extra White),  for both sailing and motor boats.,  to protect the hull from fouling throughout the season.
The Extra White color is suitable for application on aluminum and metal parts.

Cup 52

Copper free extra-slippery antifouling

CUP 52  is a copper free extra-slippery antifouling, for sailing and motor boats.

CUP 52 is suitable also for aluminium boats and metal parts, and is available in extra white.

Bora 59

Self-polishing antifouling

Self-polishing antifouling based on copper (copper-free in Extra White), for both sailing and motor boats, with speeds up to 35 knots.
The Extra White color is suitable for application on aluminum and metal parts.

Available: extra white, light blue, dark blue, red and black.

Eliche 56

Antifouling for propellers, stern-drives and flaps

Antifouling with high adhesive power and hardness, suitable to protect propellers,

 flaps, stern-drives and other metal parts from vegetation.
Adheres to old antifoulings or after applying Primer 15.

Available: white, gray and black.

Copper 57

Universal antifouling

Universal antifouling based on copper (copper-free in Extra White),  for both sailing and motor boats. It can be applied on most pre-existing antifoulings.
The Extra White color is suitable for application on aluminum and metal parts.

Available: extra white, light blue, dark blue, red and black.

Nubiflex 58

Inflatable boat antifouling

Nubiflex 58 is an extremely elastic antifouling paint, designed for rubber dinghies and resistant to sea water erosion.
It is applied directly to rubber, pvc, and hypalon after smoothing and washing with detergents to remove impurities.

Speed 951

Broad spectrum self-polishing antifouling

(for professional use only)

Self-polishing antifouling based on copper (copper-free in Extra White), with a wide spectrum of action, with high antifouling power for all types of boats with speeds up to 35 knots. It is hydrophilic and therefore considerably reduces the friction of the water on the hull. The Extra White color is suitable for application on aluminum and metal parts.

Available: extra white, light blue, blue, red and black.


Yachting 953

Long-life broad spectrum antifouling

(for professional use only)

Long-life anti-fouling with a broad spectrum of action, copper based (copper-free in extra white), with high antifouling power, for all types of boats, even fast ones.
The Extra White color is suitable for application on aluminum and metal parts.

Available: extra white, gray, blue, red and black.


The choice of antifouling

The antifouling must be chosen based on the cruising speed of the boat and the material with which it is built.

All Brava antifoulings can be applied on wooden or plastic hulls, applying the appropriate primer where necessary.
A copper-free antifouling must be applied to aluminum or light alloy hulls.
Iron hulls are also subject to galvanic currents, however to a lesser extent:

it is therefore possible to apply copper-based antifoulings as long as an anticorrosive and insulating cycle is previously applied

Luxury Yachts Sailing


Nubian: smalti

Smalto 41

Two-component polyurethane enamel

Two-component polyurethane enamel with high brilliance and resistance to the marine environment, designed for pleasure boats.
Adheres directly to the clean, degreased and free of any trace of release agents gel-coat. 

Available in 12 colors.

Smalto 42

High quality single component enamel

High quality single component enamel with excellent expansion and brilliance. Exceptional white point. Fine finish for the sides and superstructures of pleasure boats. Excellent outdoor resistance and elasticity. It is suitable for all types of substrates prepared with suitable primers.

Nubiflex 48

Enamel for inflatable boats

One-component enamel for inflatable boats, elastic and resistant to marine environment.

It is applied directly on the rubber without any primer, be it neoprene, pvc, hypalon or other.

A deep cleaning of the rubber is important to eliminate the fat and salt on the fabric.

Available: white, orange, red, gray and black.

Covering 49

Two pack epoxy compound.


Covers, protects and waterproofs with a single coat interior hidden surfaces such as store rooms, ice boxes, and bilges. It is oil, solvents, detergents proof.

Mono or bi-component finishes


For the finishing of fiberglass sides, the two-component cycle is suggested.
This cycle ensures absolute best results in terms of hardness, lucidity, duration and resistance of the paint film.
The single-component cycle is to be suggested on wooden boats.

Sailing Race


Nubian: trasparenti

Sea Dog 61

Transparent varnish for wood

Transparent and elastic one-component varnish. Very high filling power and gloss.
It is ideal for painting boat woods.
Also excellent for the protection of wood in marine and mountain environments.

Available: glossy.

Superclassic 63

Tung-oil based transparent varnish

One-component, transparent and elastic tung oil-based varnish. Follows the movement of the wood without peeling or splitting.
Slow drying to penetrate deep into the wood.

Available: glossy.

Cab Varnish 65

Odorless varnish for wood

It is a modern, odorless transparent water-based clear varnish, special for the interiors of boat cabins. It protects the wood without peeling or turning yellow.
It can also be applied indoors without discomfort.

Available: glossy or satin.

Trasparente 41

Two-component polyurethane varnish

Two-component transparent polyurethane varnish, high brilliance and resistance, designed for glossy finishes with exposed wood on boats or in any case on wood exposed in a marine environment.
It can be applied by brush and spray.

Available: glossy.

Teak Oil  96

Protective oil for teak

Teak Oil is a protective product, based on jojoba oil, with very high penetrating, protective and waterproofing characteristics. It penetrates deeply into the fibers, does not form a film, leaves the surface dry, closes the porosity of the wood making it impermeable to water and dirt.

Painting the wood


For the painting of traditional wood boats, the application of one-component oil-based paints is undoubtedly the best choice for its unsurpassed characteristics of elasticity, resistance and aesthetic qualities.

The number of coats to be applied is very important: from 5 to 8 coats, according to the absorption of the wood, are suggested.



Nubian: Primers

Primerplast 11

Fiberglass and plastic primer

Primer to be applied on new fiberglass (and on two pack barrier coats). Used to improve adhesion of antifouling paint on gel-coat or on epoxy barrier coats such as anti-osmosis RESINA 90 and FONDO 22.

Primer 13

Epoxy primer for metals

First anti-corrosive high-adhesion coat for aluminium, steel and bronze. Used as a first coat in two-pack epoxy systems (keel, aluminium or steel hulls).

Primer 15

Primer for propellers, stern drives and flaps

Primer to be applied on propeller and stern drive before applying ELICHE 56. It must be applied before the antifouling even on the original enamel of the stern-drive.

Zincatura 16

Zinc-based metal primer

A quick drying high performance zinc metal primer to be used on all ferrous metals.  It can be used as an antirust primer or as a finishing coat if more coats are applied.  It can be painted over with any enamel paint.


Nubiprene 21

Clorhinated rubber barrier coat

This barrier coat owing to its thickness is suitable for wood and metals.

Another important use of this product is to seal of old antifouling paints.

Fondo 22

Epoxy barrier coat

Two pack epoxy barrier coat with high waterproofing power. Can be used on all types of material over the suggested primer.

Fondo 29

Polyurethane undercoat

Used with polyurethane or polyurethane/epoxy paint systems, such as SMALTO 41, to eliminate small imperfection before finishing. It has the advantage of being white and easy to sand.

Fondo 28

Undercoat for synthetic enamel

Synthetic undercoat formulated to eliminate small imperfections before finishing with Enamel 42.
Easy to sand. excellent fullness and covering capacity.

Minio 24

Undercoat for wooden boats.

Orange undercoat for preparation of the hull of small traditional wooden boats before the application of antifouling paint.

Nubian fondi

Primer 14

Wood primer

Wood primer specially formulated to give protection to all exterior or interior woods.
Penetrating deep into the wood, PRIMER 14 form a long lasting funghicidal barrier, providing the ideal base for the SEADOG 61 or SUPERCLASSIC 63.

Nubian: Stucchi


Stucco 31

Epoxy filler

Epoxy filler, easy to sand, to eliminate small and medium imperfections of the surface above and below the waterline.

Stucco ULC 31

Ultralight epoxy filler

Ultralight epoxy filler, specific weight 0.78 g / lt. easy to sand ideal for medium and thick applications.

Its low specific weight allows the application of high volumes without unnecessary weighting of the hull. Excellent waterproofing.

Stucco 32

Synthetic one-pack filler

One-component synthetic filler to smooth, to eliminate small imperfections on the wooden and iron hulls,

Soft paste, easy application by spatula, resistant, elastic and easiny sandable.

Nubian: Prodotti

epoxy resins

Resina 90

Multiuse epoxy resin

It is an epoxy resin, solvent-free, with extremely high impermeability for the treatment and prevention of osmosis. Added with the specific additive "Microsfere 78", it is used for gluing and filling works.

Resina 99

Fluid epoxy resin

Resina 99 is a solvent-free epoxy resin, with a degree of fluidity such as to penetrate deeply into the wood fibers. Resina 99 is used to reconsolidate deteriorated woods or to waterproof and protect new wood.

Alternative to Resina 90 in anti-osmosis cycles.

Microsfere 78

Microspheres additive

Glass microspheres to be added up to 100% by volume to Resin 90 or Resin 99 to obtain light fillers and customized glues.

Treatment and prevention of osmosis

When the water manages to pass the layer of the gel-coat and penetrates the laminate, the problem of osmosis arises. Osmosis occurs with bubbles up to 20 millimeters in diameter, filled with a liquid with a strong acid smell.
Indispensable is to show the boat to a specialist who can judge if you are really in the presence of osmosis and if it is appropriate to intervene immediately or not.

Nubian: Complementi

complementary products

Svernicarene 71

Water based stripper for antifouling

Svernicarene helps to remove antifoulings from the hull with maximum efficiency and speed. Its particular water-based formulation and the absence of solvents safeguard the operator's health. It is particularly suitable for fiberglass boats because it does not affect the gel-coat and the anti-osmosis epoxy cycles.

Antisdrucciolo 77

Antiskid additive

Antiskid additive to be added to enamels and paints, from 2% to 7% by weight, to obtain a non-slip walkable surface, on boat decks, stairs, walkways etc.

Bagnoshampoo I.O.R.

Shampoo for personal hygiene

IOR incorporates in the formulation the same mineral salts of the Dead Sea waters, whose salutary virtues have been known for millennia. It generates a soft and rich foam, even with sea water, remaining delicate on the skin and hair and giving an unusual feeling of well-being.  

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